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Overview – Briefing

Tam son is the leading luxury retailer in Vietnam with a portfolio of internationally renowned brands such as Hermès, Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Piaget, Chopard, Saint Laurent, Bottega Veneta,….


To cope with the rapid change in customer behavior as well as a progressive shift of communication strategy to digital platforms, Tamson aims to develop a powerful channel dedicated to daily communication with their target audience.    


Understanding the different objectives and motivation of Tamson, Opal developed an original and educational channel, under the form of an online magazine, which is entitled: Elite Magazine by Tamson.

The Elite Magazine is nurtured with educational, rich and lifestyle content in order to:

  • share luxury knowledge to the target audience then,
  • expect to build a community around luxury, lifestyle in which Tamson is expert,
  • create a better engagement with the target audience, both existing customers and potential,
  • deliver sale content in a more creative and effective manner to the target.

With a well structure consisting of: News, In vogue, Brand story, Mode, Anatomy, Luxury Vocabulary, Outlook, Live, the magazine also offers to the audience quality exclusive fashion shooting featuring the brands of which Tamson is exclusive retailer. 


Since the first publication of Elite Magazine by Tamson, the Tamson’s website has witnessed positive change in terms of traffic and active users:

  • Booster 36% of growth of monthly website traffic on the month of issue (in comparison to the previous months)
  • Progressively occupy 16% of total website traffic on average.

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