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Overview – Briefing

Since 2006, UMA with the slogan “Turn your house into a home” has aimed to deliver at least one product to every Vietnamese family.

After 13 years of serving the utmost mission of bringing the best products to Vietnamese houses, UMA decides to refresh the brand identity including its brand name UMA which is already familiar to millions of Vietnamese customers.


Opal was trusted by UMA to develop the new brand identity including giving a new name to UMA while reflecting truly and clearly the unchanged brand mission.


By being rebranded as BAYA, the company highlights its motto: “Turning your house into a home”. This is not just to offering the best value functional interior products to every vietnamese home. It’s also to provide a range of services that care and empower individuals and families to live better lives. The BAYA Weaverbird emerge as a true genius in designing a warm and secure nest that is smartly placed to create a cosy and safe home. This corresponds with our commitment to offering aesthetically pleasing home items, smart enough to suit everyone needs and taste.

As the BAYA, Weaver which is known to carry more then 500 strips of paddy leaves or rough grass to build a single nest, we are committed to deliver the widest range of home products to every single place in Vietnam by being closer to our customer through and extended retail network and a more efficient logistic chain.

At last, drawing upon the Baya Weaver, our aim is to fit with the significant changes of urban lifestyles, by helping people to grow in a more sustainable and natural environment.
For all these reasons, we are now BAYA. Our new name is our voice, which reflects our focus on you, your life, to make it easier, wealthier and better.