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Overview – Briefing

In the context of rapid globalization and a strong, constant passion for local culture of Hanoia’s founders; Hanoia was born with its cornerstone built on its long-term collaboration and experience of working with world’s leading luxury brands.

With its positioning of becoming a premium lifestyle brand conveying both excellent quality and exclusive, original design; Hanoia differentiates with other competitors by focusing on its strength on craftsmanship, lacquerware in a unique, genuine artistic expression.

2 colors are determined as
the brand’s physical evidences:
Hanoia blue and Hanoia gold.


With the determined vision that Hanoia has, Opal was motivated to develop a branding structure to clearly demonstrate Hanoia’s personalities and uniqueness to the target audience.

To make this vision a reality, Opal has developed a comprehensive branding strategy consisting of: brand identity, brand guideline, archetype, brand story, tone of voice, communication message, advertising campaign, website,…  

To enhance customer touchpoints especially on digital environment, Opal designed and developed the Hanoia’s website. Later on, in coping with the swift change of customers behavior, Opal developed a more complete channel by helping the brand to launch its first-ever ecommerce website while still keeping its brand spirit visible by means of creative design throughout the online experience. 

Hanoia’s e-commerce website

In order to ensure always-on branding content in media, Opal is in charge of strategic media planning and content creation, which helps the brand to keep its presence, highlight brands and product uniqueness, positive brand image,…on all communication channels (digital, printed media, social media…).

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